Why choose Hollard Cigna Health?

We enable access to quality healthcare in Africa

Your people are your most important asset. And when they’re ill or injured, they deserve the best possible healthcare, regardless of the state of medical infrastructure in the country in which they find themselves. That’s why we harness our extensive African provider network to optimise their access to local and international care. Our proprietary technology solutions help improve the speed and quality of healthcare delivery and our passionate support teams are committed to getting your people back on track, healthier and even more productive than before.


We know Africa

Our deep-rooted understanding of each African country’s healthcare environment, combined with a strong “onthe-ground” presence developed over 60 years of operating on the continent, give us profound insights into what makes for a successful African health insurance plan. We also proudly maintain full compliance with local regulations in each country in which we operate, ensuring that your health insurance plan contributes to the development of local economies and communities and sparing you the legal complications associated with noncompliance.

We make it easy for you

No matter how highly you value your employees’ wellbeing, daunting administrative requirements can make implementing a high-quality health insurance plan seem impossible. Our seamless onboarding process, easy-tounderstand documentation and dedicated client management teams change all that. But we go one step further and make it easy for your employees too. Through quick and simple resolution of claims, access to a 24/7 call centre and an industry-leading set of digital tools to deal with any queries, we ensure they’re always 100% behind your choice of health insurer.

We satisfy your unique health insurance needs

Whether you’re operating in one African country or many, and whether you’re looking to cover key local staff or expatriates or both, Hollard Cigna Health offers you a combination of health insurance plans that provides you with optimised coverage for your budget. From plans that provide expatriates with cover wherever they are in the world, to plans combining local and best-in-Africa cover, our premium product suite covers all eventualities when it comes to addressing your particular health insurance requirements. But no matter what combination you choose, you’ll always get access to the most experienced and committed health insurance professionals in Africa.

We partner with you for the long term

The only thing worse than having to change healthcare insurance providers every year, is putting up with unpredictable and unexpected annual premium increases. By combining world-class clinical management with best-of-breed cost management practices, we eliminate unnecessary cost escalation in order to keep your plan viable. We’re able to do this thanks to our extensive global cost database, substantial supplier negotiating power and industry-leading fraud management practices, all informed by our unique insights into African healthcare. Because we know the real benefits of health insurance come with time.


We Know Expats

Rich in natural resources, Africa is a continent full of promise for the oil and gas industry. While the region is teeming with opportunity, it’s vital to understand the unique challenges for your globally mobile populations such as rotators, engineers and rig workers being considered for an assignment there. Our recent research on global mobility trends, co-sponsored with the National Foreign Trade Council, found that respondents from the oil and gas industry rank medical preparedness as their second most important consideration when embarking on a global assignment. There are many complexities to working and living in a developing region. Preparing employees on what to expect in the region can make all the difference. Cigna understands the needs of expats and can guide you when deciding on a global benefits plan to ensure the needs of your assignees are met. Click here to access research on the medical needs of expats in Africa.