Design your Hollard Cigna Health Plan

Hollard Cigna Health provides affordable, comprehensive health insurance cover and peace of mind for both employers and employees. Each plan option provides peace of mind and security, leaving you and your employees safe in the knowledge that the medical needs and wellbeing of their family will be taken care of. Your core plan automatically includes inpatient and outpatient treatment, medical evacuation and repatriation benefits, AIDS / HIV treatment, childbirth benefits, cancer treatment and travel vaccinations / preventive medication (e.g. against malaria).


Choose from 6 plans:

Core Care | Standard Care | Select Care
Essential Care | Executive Care | Elite Care


Dental and vision

We make sure to look after regular medical expenses as well. That’s why we’ve created optional Dental & Vision plans that will complement your overall benefits, to provide truly comprehensive health care coverage.



Global Wellbeing Solutions

Peace of mind may be hard to come by when helping your employees balance the demands of their work and personal lives. That’s where we can help. Our health and wellbeing programmes offer a comprehensive, integrated wellness approach to create a healthier, more engaged and more productive workforce.

  • Online Health and Wellbeing Assessment **
  • Online Targeted Health Assessments **
  • Online Library
  • Engagement Strategy and Launch Kit


Choose from 5 areas of cover:

  • Area of cover 1: Africa
  • Area of cover 2: Africa + (including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Lebanon) 
  • Area of cover 3: Europe (including Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Lebanon)
  • Area of cover 4: Worldwide excluding US
  • Area of cover 5: Worldwide*


Worldwide out of area emergency treatment is included on all 6 plan designs.***


Download our table of benefits

Please refer to the Table of Benefits for a detailed breakdown of each plan.