Design your Hollard Cigna Health Assist plan

Hollard Cigna Health Assist consists of two plans: Inpatient Evac and Inpatient Evac+. Both plans cover up:

-Medical Evacuation and Out of Country Assistance Benefits

-Inpatient Treatment


Choose from 2 plans:

Inpatient Evac

This product is for both expats and locals who are looking for a more cost effective solution. It would probably not be
purchased for expensive executive management. This would suit smaller companies and middle management, where the
aim is to ensure that they at least have a level of access to private healthcare. They just want to know if the big stuff
happens that they have some cover. You will see that the Annual Maximum Benefit falls somewhere between our Standard and Select product so the benefit is not very rich,

but it is also not minimalistic.

Inpatient Evac +

This product is aimed at both locals and expats who want to know that if they have a serious health issue they have the
big costs totally sorted – they really can have complete peace of mind. The employer and employees involved are able
to take care of their own outpatient costs and happy to avoid the admin of working with a health insurer for this and are
financially shrewd enough to see the cost benefits.


Choose from 4 areas of cover:

  • Area of cover 1: Africa
  • Area of cover 2: Africa + (including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon and Bangladesh) 
  • Area of cover 3: Europe (including Africa, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon and Bangladesh)
  • Area of cover 4: Worldwide excluding USA


Worldwide out of area emergency treatment is included on both plan designs.*


Download our benefits overview

Please refer to the Benefits overview for a detailed breakdown of each plan.