Design your Energy and Mining Series plan

Hollard Cigna Health EMS Plan stands for Energy and Mining Series. In this plan our network has over 2100 providers in Africa. With more than 100 providers in the pipeline for 2021Your plan automatically includes inpatient and outpatient treatment, medical evacuation and Out of Country Assistance, AIDS / HIV treatment, childbirth benefits and cancer treatment. 

We have 3 main focus points:

  • Inpatient and OutPatient networks in corporate locations and main metropolitan areas
  • Go Local by further investing in local presence in key markets: Ghana/Nigeria
  • Investing in Innovative Solutions to ensure easy access to care


Why choose us?

  • Quality product
  • Affordable
  • Fully admitted
  • Local servicing and evacuations
  • Technology / digital tools
  • Network

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Choose from 6 plans:

LNG | Solar | Copper
Paladium | Topaz | Diamond


Dental and vision

We make sure to look after regular medical expenses as well. That’s why we’ve created optional Dental & Vision plans that will complement your overall benefits, to provide truly comprehensive health care coverage.



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Choose from 3 areas of cover:

  • Area of cover 1: Africa + (including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Lebanon) 
  • Area of cover 2: Worldwide excluding USA
  • Area of cover 3: Worldwide


Worldwide out of area emergency treatment is included on all 6 plan designs.*


Download our table of benefits

Please refer to the Benefits Overview for a detailed breakdown of each plan.